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Out of the pews and into the fields

“Out of the pews and into the fields”

Have you ever heard the term “Out of the pews and into the fields”?  The term is taken by some as negative, and by others as a glorious and exciting call.  For the purposes of this posting, I would as you to consider both perspectives.

We are called, by the Lord we serve, to go into the uttermost places with the good news of the Gospel of Christ.   There is no greater privilege than to share Christ with someone who is lost. However, we (the Church) seem to believe that the lost will somehow happen to show up in Church, hear the Gospel, and then be saved.  Yes, there are many who have “walked the isle” and have surrendered to the Lord, but there has been a lot of history in that persons life that brought them to that point.  It is that “history” that makes the difference, and is where your greatest effectiveness as a Christian is found.

You see, someone had already invested time and love into his or her lives long before the salvation moment occurred. Someone showed mercy. Someone demonstrated the fruits of the spirit in a real way. Someone left the comfort of the pew to venture into the field.  That certain someone planted seeds, cultivated, and nurtured the heart of the lost so that there would eventually be a good harvest.

How many of us are saved by accident?  How many of us were born with the knowledge of the love of Christ already embedded in our hearts and mind?  None, not one.   It’s people sharing with people.  It’s by Gods design, and according to His great commission. Think of the individual(s) that had an impact on your spiritual life. Take a moment to thank God that they were willing to go beyond simply attending Church, and were willing to “get out of the pews and into the fields”.

What is God asking you to do?  To discover the joy of serving in a ready to go ministry opportunity right here in Tulsa Oklahoma, please see


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WANTED! Someone to provide ministry….

September 21, 2010

Christ for Humanity was approached by a Tulsa area nursing home who are in search of someone to provide ministry on a weekly basis. This is a wonderful chance for some caring Christians to get involved to further Gods kingdom.  This opportunity is for:

  • Church as a whole
  • Care group or Sunday School class ministry
  • Individual(s) willing to share the love of Christ

If you are interested in filling this important need, please contact or call 918-836-2424 x 201.

Thank you, & God bless.

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